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I am a…
I am a…
I am a…
I am an…
I am a…

interested in improving
my abilities and
playing the sport I love
at higher levels.
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that wants to support
my youth athlete’s love
for sports and help them
realize their goals.
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interested in improving
my team’s physical abilities
and helping them enjoy
their sports experience.
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interested in a daily
personalized plan to
help me achieve my
fitness + nutrition goals.
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interested in offering
Re-Play’s technology
to our customers.
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Who Uses Athlete Development Powered by Re-Play?

If you have a large customer base of youth athletes or adults
interested in health and fitness, our platform can help you
extend your brand into the highly valued training and
development market. Our unique training apps have helped
hundreds of thousands of users achieve their goals by
providing a personalized experience that delivers better
results, more quickly and safely. We also aggregate
together the fragmented lifestyle activity that revolves
around your users passion for sports/fitness to deliver
hyper targeted content, products, and services, creating
significant new revenue streams for your business.
And it is all turnkey. Contact us about our private label
program to get started today.

Your health and fitness are a priority for you. You are committed
to working out regularly but want to make sure that you are
undertaking the right activity to maximize your efforts,
work out safely, and get the optimum results. You could
work with a physical trainer but that can be costly, and
requires you plan your training in advance. With Re-Play
you simply log in each day, whenever and wherever it is
convenient for you, and enjoy a professionally guided
training session, created to meet your specific needs.
Your training can be synchronized so it does not compete
with other physical activity, and your plan includes
important guidance for proper nutrition and hydration,
also personalized just for you. Download today.

You love helping your athletes develop their skills and teaching
them the game. But your time with them is limited. With
each athlete at varying levels of physical development, it’s
a challenge to guide their physical training, let alone
provide a program that caters to each athlete’s unique
needs and monitors their progress. Let Re-Play handle
it – your athletes download our app, log in, answer a
few questions, and we serve up a daily personalized
physical training and nutrition program created just for
them. We improve their physical abilities, and they show
up to your events, ready to compete. It is all synchronized
with their calendar, eliminating conflicts with other
activities such as games, practices, and lessons.

As the parent or guardian of a youth athlete, you are committed
to doing whatever you can to help them enjoy their sport and
achieve success. Re-Play helps you safely guide your athlete
through complex issues such as training, nutrition, and
hydration, as well as providing in-depth resources to help
your athlete get the most out of the game and to support
your busy lifestyle that revolves around playing sports.
Our free app contains exhaustive content, products, and
services to help you research and source everything you
need to support your athelete including the latest
equipment, apparel, and gear; family travel, dining,
and entertainment; scholarships, recruiting, careers +
more. Download today and get started.

Your passion is your sport. You love to play. You have the drive
to be a winner. Re-Play is a free app that provides individualized
daily training that guides, focuses, and accelerates your
physical development. We use your personal information
such as the sport(s) you play, the position(s) you play,
your age, height, weight, performance and more to create
a personalized daily training experience. You log in, follow
the video exercises, and in no time, you will see major
improvements in your physical capabilities that put
you at the top of your game. The system tracks all of
your information and automatically compiles a detailed
player profile to share with coaches, scouts and others to
help you get to the next level. Download today.

o Extends Your Brand Into Personalized Training
o Significant New Revenue Streams
o Private and White Label Options
o Ad Platform Can be Plugged Into Your
Existing Apps Using Our Open API

What is Athlete Development
Powered by Re-Play?

An Exciting Intelligent Tech Platform that Includes:
Highly Personalized Training/Fitness + Nutrition Technology
(Adult Fitness, Individual Sport, and Youth Multi-Sport), plus Integrated

Lifestyle Enabled Resource Guide that Aggregates all of the Fragmented
Information, Products + Services,
that Revolve Around Your Sport(s) to Provide
Everything You Need in One Place…And Everything is Personalized Just for You.

Re-Play’s Technology Will Focus and Accelerate Your Development, Quickly
Improving Your Physical Abilities (Strength, Conditioning Speed and Agility),
While our Resource Guide will Give You Everything You Need, When You Need it,
to Get the Most Out of Your Sports/Fitness Experience.

Re-Play Offers Physical Training for:

All of the Latest Lifestyle Information, Products + Services:

o Adult Fitness
o Youth Multi-Sport
o Baseball/Softball
o Soccer
o Football
o Basketball
o Ice Hockey
o Field Hockey
o Golf

o Lacrosse
o Volleyball
o Tennis
o Swimming
o Track + Field
o Wrestling
o Gymnastics
o Cheerleading
o and Many More!

o Sports Products
o Training Aids
o Lodging/Dining
o Scholarship Info
o College Athletics
o Health/Nutrition
o Product Reviews
o Entertainment
o Rehabilitation

o Attractions
o History
o Terminology
o Apparel
o Fundraising
o Recruiting
o Memorabilia
o Books/Movies
o Academics

o Career Info
o Transportation
o Equipment
o Offers + Deals
o Articles/Content
o Discounts
o Events
o How-To’s
o and Lots More!


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How Athlete Development Powered by Re-Play Works

We use a combination of our proprietary technology coupled with your data to deliver amazing results!
Just log in each day and our system does the rest.

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At RePlay we take your privacy seriously. Your personal individual info and data is extremely private information. All shared information is 100% at the exclusive control of the user. We will never share, rent or
sell your information. App Users – Playing sports and working out involve risk of injury or at times even death. User acknowledges that the services are designed to provide recommendations that guide player
development, but ultimately all training decisions and activity are the sole responsibility of the athlete and/or their parent/guardian, if the athlete is a minor. User acknowledges that the services provide
suggestions based on scientific analysis and user supplied information, however each athlete’s personal circumstances may be different and require the use of judgement whether or not the recommendations
apply to your situation, and if they can be completed by the user without any injury or harm. By using the services the user agrees to hold harmless and release RePlay, its officers and affiliates, should
any injury arise from using the services